• Current Affairs News Updates 8th Sept, 2016

    Sep 8 • September 2016 • 438 Views

    Current Affairs News Updates 8th Sept, 2016

    Important Questions for government exams from Current Affairs News Updates 8th Sept, 2016 

    Q-1 World no.13 Rafael Nadal belongs to which country?

    a) Argentina

          b) Spain

          c) Italy

          d) USA

    Q-2 Who is the New CMD of Uranium corporation of India Limited?

    a) C.K Asani

         b) Manohar Reddy

         c) Vinod Rai

         d) Nita Ambani

    Q-3 As per the Supreme court the volume of water to be released to Tamil Nadu?

    a) 12000 Cusecs

       b) 12 Cusecs

       c) 15000 Cusecs

       d) 15 Cusecs


    National News Updates

    1. 24 hours deadline for  publishing FIR online

           i) On 7th September, 2016 the Apex court of India Supreme court ordered the publishing of FIRs within 24 hrs.

          ii)  Furthermore, With respect to this order States and Union Territories have to upload First Information Report (FIR) online within 24 hours of registration.

         iii) The FIRs to be uploaded on all police and Government websites. 

    2. As per the verdict of supreme court, the release of cauveri water to Tamil Nadu Started on 7th Sept, 2016.

         i) Supreme Court ordered  the release of 15000 cusecs of water.

         ii) Water is released from KRS and Kabini reservoirs.

    3. Surge Price Introduced on key trains.

         i) The Tickets of trains like Shatabdi, Duronto and Rajdhani will now be operated on Surge Pricing System.

        ii) Surge Pricing is a Flexible pricing system in which price of tickets rises with increase in demand.

        iii) Surge pricing System will be effective from 9th of September, 2016.


    International News Updates

    1. World’s Oldest person to Swim-Toshio Tominaga.

         i) He is 73 years old person to swim across the Tsugaru Strait of country.

         ii) He belongs to Japan.

    3. Three astronauts returned to earth after 6 month space expedition.

        i) The Astronauts include Jeff Williams (Record Holder of 534 days in Space), Alexey Ovchinin and Oleg Skripochka.

       ii) Jeff Williams belongs to NASA and rest two to Russia.

      iii) On 7th September, 2016 they returned to home (Earth).


    Business News Updates

     1. Nissan says a good bye to Ventures with Ashok Leyland on 7th Sept, 2016.

         i) Nissan is Japan based Automobile company .

        ii) Nissan and Ashok Leyland were in a Joint Venture for past 8 years.

      iii) Vinod Dasari is the managing director of Ashok Leyland.

    2. C.K Asani- The new chairman and managing director of Uranium Corporation of India Limited (UCIL).

    Sports News Updates

    1.  Rafael Nadal in the list of players for Davis Cup.

        i) Spain announced its team players for Davis Cup on 7th September, 2016.

       ii) The Davis Cup World Group Play off tie against India is to be played from 16 to 18 September.

      iii) The Venue is R. K khanna Stadium.

      iv) Rafael Nadal possesses a rank of World No. 13 and is 14 time Grand Slam titleist.

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  • Current Affairs News Updates 7th Sept, 2016

    Sep 7 • September 2016 • 381 Views

    Current Affairs News Updates 7th Sept, 2016

    Important questions for government exams from Current Affairs News Updates  7th Sept, 2016

    nasa 2


    Q-1 Which country was recently declared by World Health Organisation (WHO) as ‘Malaria Free’

             (a) Australia

             (b) Pakistan

             (c) India

             (d) Sri – Lanka 

    Q-2 On 5th September Serena Williams won her……………Grand Slam Title.

             (a) 301

             (b) 302

             (c) 307

             (d) 308

    Q-3 Which Committee is associated with Board Of Control for Cricket of India?

             (a) Lodha Commitee

             (b) NK vishwanathan Committee

             (c) Subramaniam Committee

             (d) Narsiman Committee

    National News Updates

    1. State bank of India to shut down 204 branches of State Bank Travancore in Kerala-

            (i) According to State Bank of India it will re-deploy the surplus employees.

           (ii) There will be around 2500 surplus employees in the system after closure of SBT branches.


    International News Updates

    1. Sri-Lanka declared as the Malaria free country.

             (i) World Health Organisation (WHO) declares Sri-lanka as malaria free on 5th of September.

             (ii) Malaria is Life threatening disease.

            (iii) Furthermore, Malaria is Mosquito Borne disease caused by parasitic protozoa.

    Business News Updates

    1. 6th September, 2016 – The first working day of new RBI Governor Urjit Patel.

            (i) The informal title of new RBI Governor- Inflation Warrior.

            (ii) He is the successor of Raghuram Rajan who left the office on 4th September, 2016.

    Sports News Updates

    1. Serena williams thrashed  ‘Yaroslava Shvedova’ on 5th September, 2016.

             (i) This is her 308th Grand slam win.

             (ii) She entered into Quarter final of US open by winning this title.

    2. International cricket council (ICC) forbids BCCI request.

            (i) As per the verdict of Supreme court for reforms, BCCI approached ICC to impede reforms.

          (ii)  The recommendations were made by Justice Lodha Commitee.

    Science and Technology Updates-

    1. Missing Spaceship found on comet-

             (i) The name of the spacecraft is ‘Philae’.

            (ii) Furthermore, it was missing since year 2014.

           (iii) It was found on a speeding comet with name-67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

           (iv) The announcement came from the scientists of European Space agency.






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  • Current Affairs News Updates 5th Sept, 2016

    Sep 6 • September 2016 • 292 Views

    Current Affairs News Updates 5th Sept, 2016

    Important questions for government exams from Current Affairs News Updates  5th Sept, 2016

    Q- With context to Indian Airforce Plane ROV stands for-

              (i) Retaliate operation Vehicle

             (ii) Robotic Operation Vehicle

            (iii) Restoring Operating Vehicle

            (iv) Remotely Operated Vehicle

    Q- Who bagged the title of Italian Grand Prix-2016?

            (i) Sebastian vettel

           (ii) Nico Rosberg

         (iii) lewis hamilton

         (iv) kimi Raikkonen

    Q- In GBS bacteria GBS stands for-

          (i) Great Bacteria Syndrome

        (ii) Group bacteria Syndrome

      (iii)  Group B Streptococcus

       (iv) Group B Syndrome

    National News Updates

    1. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to find  the debris of An-32 transport plane.

              (i) The plane belongs to Indian Air force.

             (ii) Furthermore, the plane was lost in Bay of Bengal recently.

            (iii) The ROV consists of a robotic arm.

    International News Updates

    1. Imran Khan commented on  4th September that the name of Nawaz Sharif  should  be placed on ‘ECL’.

             (i) Nawaz Sharif is Pakistan’s Prime Minister whose links were revealed in “panama paper leak” recently.

            (ii) While Imran khan is Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

            (iii) ECL refers to Exit control List.

            (iv) In addition the Exit control list contains the name of person with Overseas assets.

    Sports News Updates

    1. Nico Roseberg grabbed Italian Grand Prix-2016.

              (i) Furthermore, It was Nico Rosberg’s 21st win.

             (ii) Lewis Hamilton bagged the Second Position. 

            (iii) Also the Sebastian Vettel and kimi Raikkonen grabbed the third and fourth position were respectively.

    Science and Technology Updates

    1. Indian researchers achieved  a mile stone by  understanding the system of  preterm births in the world.

          (i) According to their research GBS Bacteria produce membrane vesicles with toxins responsible for killing both foetal and maternal cells.

         (ii) Membrane Vesicles are the small balloons produced.

        (iii) GBS refers to Group B Streptococcus.


    2. A  Fish species named after US president Barack Obama.

    (i) The fish found is newly small maroon and Gold fish Species.

    (ii) It was discovered 300 feet deep in Pacific Ocean.

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  • Current Affairs News Updates 4th September, 2016

    Sep 4 • September 2016 • 548 Views

    Best Current Affairs News Updates 4th September, 2016

    Important Questions for competitive exams from Current Affairs News Updates 4th September, 2016

    Q-  Who is the Chairperson of 17 member committee constituted for New Education Policy?

    TS Thakur

    NS vishwanathan

    B. Ekbal

     R P Subramaniam

    Q- The Top 2 major polluting countries of world are-

    United States of America and Russia

    Russia and China

    India and United states of America

    India and Russia

    Q- Who has been awarded as the sports man of the year 2016 by Indian sports ministry? 

    PV Sindhu

    Shardul  Gagare 

    Ajinkya Rahane

    Virat Kohli

    Q- SBI life is a Joint venture Between –

    SBI and Life Insurance Company

    oriental Insurance Company and SBI 

    SBI and BNP paribas cardif.

    SBI and Unites Insurance company

    National News Updates

    1. Council Created for New Education Policy

               i) A 17 member committee constituted

              ii)  The chairman of Panel is B. Ekbal

             iii) He is former Vice chancellor of Kerala university

             iv) He is also a member of State Planning Board.

             v) Assembler of the committee is K.P Aravindan.

    2. Real time Surveillance system at major railway stations

             i) Initiative by Railway Police Force and Government Railway police.

    International News Updates

    1. US and China – major polluters world authenticate ‘Paris climate Deal’ on 3rd Sept, 2016.

    2. National Assembly of Pakistan passes resolution against Altaf Hussain on 3rd Sept, 2016.

    Business News Updates

    1. Raghuram Rajan left the office as RBI Governor on 4th September, 2016.

             i) Furthermore he recommended ‘Independent’ charge of RBI.

            ii) In addition he also recommended elevated ranking of RBI governor’s post.

    2. SBI life to become no.1 in Private Sector.

           i) SBI life is a joint venture between State Bank of India and a France based insurance company BNP paribas cardif.


    Sports News Updates

    1. The following sports awards were awarded on 3rd Sept, 2016: 

              i) Sports man of the year -Shardul gagare ( Chess)

             ii) Sportswoman of the year- Lalita Babar  (athletics)

            iii)  The Sportsperson of the year – Abhilasha Mhatre 

            iv) cricketer of the year- Ajinkya Rahane

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  • Current Affairs News Updates 3rd Sept, 2016

    Sep 3 • September 2016 • 317 Views

    Current Affairs News Updates 3rd Sept, 2016

    Important Questions for competitive exams from Current Affairs News Updates 3rd Sept, 2016

    Q- With reference to Indian constitution Collegium refers to-

    A type of Elections for people representative

    A constitutional body

    President alongwith  CJI or CJS followed by a group of senior most Judges

    None of these

    Q- Serena Williams beat……………… at US Open on 2nd Septmber, 2016.

    Vania King

    Martina Hingis

    Sania Mirza

    Venus  Williams

    Q- Who is the Current Chief Justice Of India?

    Justice RM Lodha

     TS Thakur

    Justice Subramaniam


    National News

    1. The Supreme Court Jugde- Justice Chelameswar shows reluctance towards “Collegium”.

                    i) Collegium refers to Group of senior most judges and CJI for reference in various appointment .                

                   ii) According to Chelameshwar the appointments should be more transparent.

                  iii) The Chief Justice of India is Justice T. S Thakur.

    2.  Finally The Union Ministry of India gave green Signal to Sabarimala Spiritual Circuit on 2nd September, 2016.

    3.  New Stamp dedicated to Philanthropist Mother Teresa released.

                i) In addition the stamp reveals canonization of mother Teresa in Vatican city. 

    International News

    1. 6o Years old video clip of Nelson Mandela was found on 2nd Sept, 2016.

                  i) Clip is of duration of 24 seconds.

                ii) It was recorded in 1956.

               iii) The Clip shows an interview of nelson mandela at Synagogue at pretoria.

    2. Jeremy Shuler becomes the youngest student to attend Cornell University.

                 i) He is 12 years old.

    Business News

    1. Maharashtra Grabbed the first position in Ease of doing Business rankings.

             i) It was a broad measure od EDB for Indian States 

             ii) The rankings were announced by Lee Kuan Yew school of public policy.

            iii) Furthermore the  rankings includes 21 Indian States.

    2. The first foreign government issuer of masala bonds-Canada’s British Columbia

             i) As a result Marked Rs 5 billion through a rupee-dominated bond.

    Sports News

    1. Serena Williams thrashed Vania King at US Open on 2nd Sept, 2016.

               i) Serena Williams is at World no.1 rank.

              ii) This her 306th Grand Slam.

    2.The Ranji Trophy flags Off on 6th of October, 2016.

              i)  Furthermore the Fixture of 2016-17 was released by BCCI on 2nd September.

    3.  3-Indians to represent India at world – 6 Red Snooker Championship.

              i) The Players Include Pankaj Advani, Sourav Kothari and Ishpreet Singh Chadha.

             ii) The Venue of Champion Ship is Bangkok.

            iii) While the Duration is from 5th Sept to 10th Sept.

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  • Current Affairs News Updates 2nd September, 2016

    Sep 2 • September 2016 • 438 Views

    Current Affairs News Updates 2nd September, 2016

    Important Questions for competitive exams from  Current Affairs News Updates 2nd September, 2016

    Q- The Justice Lodha Commitee is associated with

    Education policy




    Q-  In a newly launched insurance scheme by Indian railways the premium starts at-

    1 rupee

    100 rupee

    92 paise

    50 paise

    Q- Which Company recently announce to offer free roaming and unlimited data for Lifetime to its customers-

    Bharti  Airtel

    Reliance Jio



    National  News Updates

    1. Indian Railways launches new insurance scheme for passengers.

              i)  The scheme is for E-ticket holders.

             ii) The scheme is launched at a premium of 92 paise.

           iii)  It comprises an insurance cover of upto 10 lakhs.

    2. Justice lodha Commitee recommendations- BCCI can’t elect or revamp new Selection Committee.

             i) Ajay Shirke will continue the office as nominated Secretary.

            ii) Sandeep patil will remain the Chairperson of Nationa Selection commitee.


    International  News Updates

    1. As per the verdict of ‘ Nice Court’ the “Burkini Ban” will be suspended.

             i) Nice is the famous city of France.


    Business  News Updates

    1. Reliance Jio on 1st September, 2016 announced to offer its customers Free voice, roaming and unlimited data fro lifetime.

    2. Lava collaborated with Egypt based Easy group to form a Joint Venture in Egypt.

    3. Credit Score to be provided for free once a year to customers – The Reserve Bank of India.

    4. As per the Chief economic advisor – Arvind Subramaniam India may record 8-10% growth in next two years.

    Sports News Updates

    1.  India Red makes to the finals of Duleep Trophy on 1st september, 2016.

    2. Formula 1 driver from Brazil Felipe Massa announced his retirement from Grand Prix-2016.


    Science and technology News Updates 

    1. An unmanned rocket named as SpaceX falcon 9 exploded on the launch pad on 1st September, 2016.

    2. A fossil about 3.7 billion years old found in Greenland. Furthermore, the tiny structures are called “Stromatolites”.

    3. The first Genome sequence in space.

             i) It is for first time that DNA sequenced in space.

            ii) The experiment was successfully conducted by NASA

           iii) The venue was International Space Station (ISS). 

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  • Current Affairs News Updates-1st September, 2016

    Sep 1 • September 2016 • 449 Views

    Current Affairs News Updates- 1st September, 2016

    Important questions for competitive exams from Current Affairs News Updates

    Q- Who is the Chief general of Indian Army?

    R K Dhowal

    Dalbir Singh

    Sunil Lanba

    Arup Raha

    Q- Which campaign is introduced by Ministry of Urban  Development (MoUD) to boost Swachh Bharat Abhiyan recently?

    100% Safai campaign

    TV campaign

    Comic Campaign

    Subsidy campaign

    Q- Examine the following statements and choose the correct Option-

    Statement-I Land Acquisition bill was given Gogreen by Supreme court as it necessary fo country’s development.

    Statement-II Land Acquisition bill in singur region was Quashed by Supreme Court signifying it as “VOID”.

    Which is correct-

    Only I

    Both I and II

    Only II

    Neither I nor II

    Important Current Affairs News Updates

    National News

    1. Land acquisition bill was quashed  by the Supreme court influencing villages of Barberi, gopal nagar , Khaserberi on 31st August, 2016.

    2. Army Chief General- Dalbir Singh announced the Establishment of ‘Army Design Bureau’ Under ‘Make in India’ Iniative.

    3. The Enemy Property Ordinance passed by the Union cabinet on 31st August, 2016.

    4. In order to support ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’- a Comic campaign will be introduced by Ministry of Urban      Development (MoUD)

    International News

    1. Dilma Rousseff- Brazil’s first woman president was impeached by 61 out of 81 senators on 31st August, 2016.

    2. In addition to end 100 years of cold war – USA’s first regular commercial flight landed in cuba on 31st August, 2016. 

    Business News

    1. The GDP growth in first quarter of Financial year 2016-17 – 7.1 %.

    2. According to Anant Geete ( Heavy Industries minister) ” Green plan scheme” aims at saving fuel worth 60, 000 crore.

    3. India bagged 35th position in World Bank Logistics performance Index-2016.

    4. 10 cement companies under Imposition of penalties for “Cartelisation” – Competition Commission of India (CCI). 

    Sports News

    1. England cricket team recorded highest ever ODI total of 444 for 3 against Pakistan at Trent Bridge on 31st August, 2016.

    2. Australia won the 5 cricket match series of ODI against srilanka by 3-1 Lead.

    3. World record fee of 50 million pounds for Chelsea defender- David Luiz.

    Arts and Culture News

    1. Finally there will be  Renovation (Face-lift)  for the Bronze statue of Carnatic vocalist Bharat Ratna- M.S Subbulaxmi .


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  • Current Affairs News Updates of 31st August, 2016

    Aug 31 • August 2016 • 349 Views

    Current Affairs News Updates  31st August, 2016

    Important questions for competitive exams from Current Affairs News Updates 31st August, 2016

    Q- The rise observed in agrarian riots as per the new crime report released by the NCRB is-






    Q- LEMOA stands for-

    Logistics exchange matter of agreement

    Light exchange memorandum of agreement

    Logistics exchange memorandum of agreement

    Light exchange matter of agreement


    Q- The new Minimum wages for ‘MAZDOOR’- Unskilled Non agricultural workers in PSU is-






    Q- Recently Wipro collaborated with which company to provide MDM-






    Q- Which Indian Origin personality who is 100 years old bagged gold medal in American Master Games, 2016?

    Man Kaur

    Milkha Singh

    Usain Bolt

    Jesse Owens


    Q-Which Bank will mark its Debut on 31st August, 2016 in stock market?

    Bandhan bank

    RBL bank

    IDBI bank

    Kotak Mahindra bank 


    National News

    1. According to new ‘Crime in India’ report released by National Crime Records Bureau, the increase in agrarian riots from year 2014 is 327%.

    2. India and the United States of America authenticated the Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) on 29th August, 2016.

    3. The Minimum Wage for Unskilled Non-agricultural workers in central PSUs raised to 350 from 246.

    4. Delhi Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung on 30th August, 2016 formed a 3-member committee to scrutinize administrative decisions of Aam Aadmi Party.

    International News

    1. The Economy Minister of France “Emmanuel Macron” announced his vacation from the office.

    2. The France president francois Hollande announced the dismissal of EU-US trade deal on 30th August, 2016.


    Business News

    1. Chinese smartphone maker “LeEco” invests $7 million and allied with “Compal Electronics”.

    2. “Wipro Ltd” and “Stibo systems” collaborated to provide Master Data Management (MDM).

    3. RBL bank makes it debut on 31st August, 2016 in Stock Market.

    4. The 5th Tranche of the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme available from 1st September- The Government.

    5. Telangana approves the GST bill in Harmony on 30th August, 2016.

    Arts and Culture News

    1. “The Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory” creator Gene Wilder died on 29th August at the age of 83.

    Sports News

    1. Man Kaur – A 100 year old Indian runner clinched gold in American masters games on 29th August, 2016.

    2. Sahil Dey and B. Savitha sri – the Winners of National Under-9 Chess championship on 30th August, 2016


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  • Daily News Updates of 30th August, 2016.

    Aug 30 • August 2016 • 423 Views

    Daily News Updates 30th August, 2016

    Important Questions for Competitive Exams from Daily News Updates 30th August, 2016

    Q- What is the Venue of BRICS summit to be held in India in October?






    Q- The BRICS- BIMSTAC event is to be held on –

    11-12 October

    15-16 October

    20-21 October

    27-28 October


    Q- Who has been selected by the Central Reserve Police force to be  appointed as its brand ambassador?

    PV Sindhu

    Dipa Karmakar

    Jitu Rai

    Pullela Gopichand


    Q- Which of the following is not a reciever of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award honoured by President Pranab Mukherjee recently?

    PV Sindhu

    Dipa Karmakar

    Jitu Rai

    Pullela Gopichand

    Sakshi Malik


    Q-Which Financial Company is established under Tata-Nilekani collaboration recently?

    Avanti Finance

    Shanti Finance

    Tata Finance

    Safalta-A finance company for poor


    Q- Which country has flagged off its 2nd Train to Afghanistan recently?




    Saudi Arab


    Q- The Rajiv Gandhi khel Ratan Award is-

    Highest sports award for athletes

    Great sports award in the field of cricket

    Sports award for coaches

    Highest sports award for promoting sports


    National News

    1. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) annouced to appoint PV sindhu as its Brand Ambassador.

    International News

    1. Myanmarese President U. Htin Kyaw and Indian PM Narendra modi signed a pact on construction of 69 bridges on 29 August, 2016.

    2. China on 29th August, 2016 gave green signal to its 2nd train to Afghanistan.

    3.  Bangladeshi PM Sheikh Hasina confirmed her paricipation in BRICS-BIMSTAC event to be held on 15-16 October in Goa. 

    Business News

    1. Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani and Dr. Vijay kelkar allied to establish a Financial Inclusion Company- Avanti Finance.


    Sports News

    1. Indian president Pranab Mukherjee honoured the Rio Olympics medalists with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award on 29th August, 2016. The venue was Rashtrapati Bhawan and the achievers include- PV Sindhu, Sakhsi Malik, Dipa Karmakar and Jitu Rai.

    2. The 19 year old Sumit Nagal bagged $ 25000 talex open ITF men’s Futures tournament title on 29th August, 2016.



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  • Current affairs News updates 29th August 2016

    Aug 29 • August 2016 • 419 Views

    Current affairs News updates 29th August 2016 with expected questions for Various exams

    Important Questions for Competitive Exams from Current affairs News updates 29th August 2016

    Q- Which Technology was successfully test fired by ISRO on 28 August, 2016?

    Scramjet engine technology

    Quantum Satellites


    Ballistic Missiles


    Q- Who Grabbed Belgian Grand Prix -2016?

    Lewis Hamilton

    Nico Rosberg

    Sebastian vettel

    None of these


    Q- Who broke the world record of 3000 m steeplechase at Paris Diamond League on 28 August, 2016?

    Usain bolt

    caster semenya

    Mohammad farah

    Ruth Jebet



    Current affairs News updates 29th August 2016

    National News

    In order to curb increasing frequency of accidents drone cameras were deployed on Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

    IIT- Dharwad launched new scholarship programme to boost innovation in Technology.

    A Tunisian hacker group hacked the website of University of Mysore (UoM) 

    Bharat Ratna and Cricket icon Sachin tendulkar presented the Rio Olympic achievers with BMW cars. The receivers are PV sindhu, Dipa Karmakar, sakshi malik and Pullela Gopichand 

    International News

    Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) slapped 13 channels with fine of 5 lakhs. This was done for telecasting unconfirmed reports of Imran Khan’s 3rd Wedding.

    Business News

    Tata Steel called off its 5.5 million tonne integrated steel plant in Bastar region of chattisgarh. The decision is now confirmed officially due to repeated interference of Maoist Insurgents.

    About 1000 km of railway tracks will be electrified by Power Grid Corporation.This was announced by Power ministry on 28 August, 2016.

    Sports News

    Sania mirza and Monica Niculescu thrashed Kateryna Bondarenko and chuang chia – Jung on 28th August, 2016. They clinched Connecticut open title by winning the final match of Tennis tournament.

    Nico Rosberg bagged the thrilling Belgian Grand Prix title on 28th August, 2016.

    Gianluigi Donnarumma of AC milan marked the World record to join Italian National team as the Youngest goalkeeper.

    Ruth Jebet from Bahrain marked a World-Record in 3000 m Steeplechase. The Venue was at Paris Diamond League on 28th August, 2016.

    Science and Technology

    India on 28 August, 2016 cleared a landmark – as a fourth nation to test fly a “Scramjet engine technology” successfully.

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