Daily News Updates of 27 August, 2016

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Important questions for competitive exams from Daily News Updates

Q- Mamta Banerjee released the Statue of which  famous philanthropist on 106th birthday ?

Rabindranath Tagore

Mother Teresa

Nelson Mandela

Mahatma Gandhi


Q-  ‘microleo attenboroughi’ refers to 

A plant Species of Australia

A Marsupial Lion Species of Australia

An Early Tribal man Species of Australia

None of these


Q- Netl UEPS technologies is a company based on which country-

United States of America


South America

Czech Republic

South Sudan


Q-‘ Mobikwik’- A mobile based company  received funds from which company on 26 August, 2016-


Snap deal




Q- The Venue of Opening Ceremony of Shandong Cultural Industries Fair (SDCIF) was –

Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center

Buenos Aires Exhibition and Convention Center

City Center Rosario

Predio Ferial Campo Las Heras


Q- Subrato Roy – Chief of Sahara Group offered how much amount to SEBI-

100 Crore

200 Crore

300 Crore

400 Crore





National News

On the Occasion of 106th birthday of Mother Teresa  West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee revealed the Large-Sized Statue on 26 August, 2016.

About 90,000 tonnes of Pulses has to be imported by the government as announced by the Consumer Affairs Department on 26 August, 2016.    

Business News

The India Inc’s Overseas Debt Hacked down by 44% to about $1.2 billion in July as announced by the RBI on 26 August, 2016.

Netl UEPS technologies-  South African based service provider announced $40 million Investment in ‘Mobikwik’ on 26 August, 2016.

An additional amount of 300 Crore was offered by Sahara Chief- Subrata Roy to be adjusted as Bank Guarantee in Securities and Exchange board of India (SEBI).

Sports News

Piotr Malachowski an Olympic Player from Poland announced the Auction of his Silver Medal for the Treatment of a 3 year old boy fighting cancer. 

Science and Technology

A marsupial species of lion from Australia which lived 1.8 crore years ago was named ‘microleo attenboroughi‘ to tribute ‘David Attenboroughi’ on 26 August, 2016.

The Opening Ceremony of ‘Shandong Cultural Industries Fair’ (SDCIF) was held at Jinan International Convention and Exhibition Center in China on 26 August, 2016.


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