Daily news for government exams

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Daily news for government exams for 1 st August 2016

  1. Hamilton the Formula One racer is from which company.

a. Mercedez

b. Ferrari

c. Fiat

d. Red bull

2. Sunderban was first Mapped in.

a. 1757

b. 1764

c. 1769

d. 1775

3. Who was 15th Chief minister of Gujrat

a. Naraendar Modi

b. Keshubhai Patel

c. Anandiben patel

d. Krishna Patel

National News

1. According to CAG report 15% of people die during falling from a running train and major cause of 33445 death during 2010 to 2014 is lack of trains.
2. Only one massage in a movie to avoid Smoking. Message on avoiding Smoking will be only at begining of a movie. Considered to be winning situation for tobacco manufacturers lobby.

3. More people die of bad roads than that of terrorist activities in India. Increase in death in Mahrashtra from 2014 to 2015 is about 600%. Uttar Pradesh bettered its record of road saftey (may be by not reporting) by about 50% from 1275 to 679.

4. Due to negligence of State if any death occurs then Family can Sue State.

5. A civilazation dated to Mauryan Era as in (322 BC to 185 BC) has been unearthed in Valleyes of Sundarban , which might have lasted for 600 to 700 years. Sunderban was first mapped in 1764 by British East India company.

6. Earlier methodology of 60/40 for admission in IIT/NIT’s is being scrapped.

7. Anandi Ben patel resigned from Chief ministers post of Gujrat. She was 15th Chief minister of Gujrat.

International News

7. China did not oblige to NSG norms while making 3rd Nuclear Power Plant for Pakistan.

8. GPS was first developed by United States Defence department for use of its army.

9. Luke Aikin becomes first man to Jump from 25000 ft as sky diver without Parachute in a net.

10. Yuriko Koike aged 64 years has been announced as first female governor of Tokyo.

Financial Sector News

11. The Capital Partnership (TCP) has bought Religare Real estate Units shares.

12. YOY (Year over year) growth rate of smart phone has been reported at 15% this quarter of 2016 which was 23% in previous quarter. In 2015-16 during same period growth rate was 34%

Sports News

Lewis Hamilton F1 Racer from Merc has won all 4 race of of July and ended with Germany Grand Prix win.

Narshing Yadav represents India in wrestling at Rio Olympic 2016


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