Daily Current Affairs News 23rd Sept, 2016

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Daily Current Affairs News 23rd Sept, 2016 for Government Exams

Important Questions from Daily Current Affairs News 23rd Sept, 2016 for Government Exams

Q-1 Who is the creator of Chan Zuckerberg initiative who is also the wife of Facebook CEO Mark zuckerberg?

a) Christiana Zuckerberg

b) Michelle Zuckerberg

c) Chan Zuckerberg

d) Pamela Zuckerberg 

Q-2 The World’s oldest continuos human civilisation is of ?

a) American Humans 

b) Asian Humans

c) African Humans

d) Australian Humans

National News Updates

1. Two Indians to be conferred with “Clark R. Bavin Wildlife Law Enforcement Awards”

i) Two Indians who are also Indian Forest Officials are selected for  “Clark R. Bavin Wildlife Law Enforcement Awards”-2016.

ii) These are awarded for their contribution in exemplary law enforcement actions to protect wildlife.

iii) The names of  awardee are Officer Sanjay Dutta and Ritesh Sarothiya .


International News Updates

1. SMITHSONIAN institution’s first Lab outside United States.

i) With an investment of $20 million Smithsonian institution opened its first Laboratory in  Panama.

ii) It is the first laboratory outside United States of America.

iii) The laboratory will focus on studying the effects of climatic change on forests.

2. Right Livelihood Award for Syria Civil Defence group.

i) The Swedish human rights commission announced the Right Livelihood Award for Syrian Civil organisation.

ii) The award was conferred for exceptional work in rescuing civilians from the destruction of the Syrian civil war. 





Business News Updates

1. $ 3 billion investment by Chan Zuckerberg Initiative 

i) Mark Zuckerberg and Chan Zuckerberg announced $3 billion investment to eradicate all diseases.

ii) This is a great step by philanthropic couple under Chan – Zuckerberg  initiative.

iii) The target is to eradicate all disease by the end of this century.

2. TATA establishes new in Yangon, Myanmar.

i) The office is set up by TATA International and it will be a central hub for TATA companies.

ii) The aim is to strengthen the  TATA group involvement with stake holders in Myanmar.

Science and Technology Updates

1. 50000 years old human civilization discovered

i) In accordance to new DNA study Humans were found whose DNA links to 50000 thousand old human civilization.

ii) The humans belong to Australian region.

iii) These Indigenous Australians ( Native of Australia ) are the most ancient continuous civilization known.





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