Daily Current Affairs News 17th Sept, 2016 aiming Government Exams

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Daily Current Affairs News 17th Sept, 2016  for Government Exams

Important Questions from Daily Current Affairs News  17th Sept, 2016 for Government Exams.

Q-1 What is the Name of the Space laboratory launched by China on 16th September?





Q-2 Recently World’s Oldest Textile was found in which country ?





National News Updates

China Launches Space Laboratory

i)  On 16th September, 2016 China Successfully launched its Space Laboratory.

ii) The name of the Space lab is Tiangong-2.

iii) This is a step towards China’s Plan of “manned Space Station”

iv) The lab was launched from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.   


International News Updates

1. Oldest textile found

i)  A 6200 year old textile (fabric) has been found in Peru on 16th September, 2016

ii) The fabric is Indigo-Blue in color.

iii) It is the Oldest Known fabric in world.



Business News Updates

1.  Indowind invest Rs 65 crore.

i) In order to establish a 10 MW Wind power plant in Karnataka Indowind Energy invests Rs 65core.

ii) The Chairman of Indowind is Bala.V . Kutti.

2. UCC and PAN are compulsory for transactions- SEBI

i) Securities and Exchange Board of India announced on  16 September, 2016 that for commodity exchange transactions UCC and PAN are compulsory.

ii) UCC stands for Unique Client Code and PAN stands for Permanent account number.

3.  Photocopying standard books – No copyright Violation 

i) As per the new verdict given by Delhi High court on 16th September, 2016 one can photocopy the course packs prepared by the Delhi University.

ii) There will be no copyright violation in photocopying the study material   provided by the Delhi Universit

 Science and Technology News Updates

1. Astronomers detects new Planet

i)  A team of astronomers found a small Planet which is 176 light years away from earth using radio telescopes.

ii) The planet shows the characteristics of exoplanet.


Answer to Question-1  Tiangong-2

Answer to Question-2 Peru

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