Current Affairs News Updates 5th Sept, 2016

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Current Affairs News Updates 5th Sept, 2016

Important questions for government exams from Current Affairs News Updates  5th Sept, 2016

Q- With context to Indian Airforce Plane ROV stands for-

          (i) Retaliate operation Vehicle

         (ii) Robotic Operation Vehicle

        (iii) Restoring Operating Vehicle

        (iv) Remotely Operated Vehicle

Q- Who bagged the title of Italian Grand Prix-2016?

        (i) Sebastian vettel

       (ii) Nico Rosberg

     (iii) lewis hamilton

     (iv) kimi Raikkonen

Q- In GBS bacteria GBS stands for-

      (i) Great Bacteria Syndrome

    (ii) Group bacteria Syndrome

  (iii)  Group B Streptococcus

   (iv) Group B Syndrome

National News Updates

1. Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to find  the debris of An-32 transport plane.

          (i) The plane belongs to Indian Air force.

         (ii) Furthermore, the plane was lost in Bay of Bengal recently.

        (iii) The ROV consists of a robotic arm.

International News Updates

1. Imran Khan commented on  4th September that the name of Nawaz Sharif  should  be placed on ‘ECL’.

         (i) Nawaz Sharif is Pakistan’s Prime Minister whose links were revealed in “panama paper leak” recently.

        (ii) While Imran khan is Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

        (iii) ECL refers to Exit control List.

        (iv) In addition the Exit control list contains the name of person with Overseas assets.

Sports News Updates

1. Nico Roseberg grabbed Italian Grand Prix-2016.

          (i) Furthermore, It was Nico Rosberg’s 21st win.

         (ii) Lewis Hamilton bagged the Second Position. 

        (iii) Also the Sebastian Vettel and kimi Raikkonen grabbed the third and fourth position were respectively.

Science and Technology Updates

1. Indian researchers achieved  a mile stone by  understanding the system of  preterm births in the world.

      (i) According to their research GBS Bacteria produce membrane vesicles with toxins responsible for killing both foetal and maternal cells.

     (ii) Membrane Vesicles are the small balloons produced.

    (iii) GBS refers to Group B Streptococcus.


2. A  Fish species named after US president Barack Obama.

(i) The fish found is newly small maroon and Gold fish Species.

(ii) It was discovered 300 feet deep in Pacific Ocean.

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