Current Affairs News Updates 12th September, 2016

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Current Affairs News Updates 12th September, 2016

Important Questions from Current Affairs News Updates 11th September, 2016.

Q-1 Which Country recently demanded as the status of Nuclear Power State?

i) South Korea

ii) North Korea

iii) Somalia

iv) Kazakhastan

Q-2 The Name of Joint naval exercise conducted by Russia and China recently is?

i) Ruchi-2016

ii) South China Sea Exercise-2016

iii) Joint Sea-2016

iv) none of these


National News Updates

1. Sharrmadaa Baluu and Dhruthi Venugopal clinched the title.

i) Baluu and Dhruthi clinched the ITF  Women’s tennis Tournament.

ii) They Thrashed  Suzy Larkin and Linnea Malmqvist respectively.

iii) The Tournament name is $10000 ITF Women’ s tennis Tournament.

iv) Suzy Larkin and Linnea Malmqvist belongs to Great britain and Sweden respectively.



International News Updates

1. “Joint Sea-2016”

i) China and Russia conduct joint naval exercises in South China Sea.

ii) The name of the Exercise is Joint Sea- 2016.

iii) The Exercises will comprise of Navy surface ships, submarines, fixed-wing aircraft, ship-borne helicopters marine corps.

2. North Korea demands for Nuclear Country status world wide.

i) This demand came as a result of recently conduction of Nuclear test by North Korea.

ii) The Demand is of as a Recognized Nuclear power State.

Sports News Updates

1. Angelique Kerber grabs the US Open Title.

i) On 10th September, Angelique Kerber thrashed Karolina Pliskova to clinch US Open Title.

ii) She became the World no.1 with this win.

2. 18-year old Aditi Ashok marks her first top-10 finish.

i) She ranked among top 10 as a professional in  Ladies European Tour at ISPS Handa Ladies European Masters.

ii) She grabbed the 9th Place.

iii) The Venue of the tournament was Golf Club Hubbelrath in Germany.

iv) The first position was bagged by  28-year-old Korean In-Kyung Kim.


Science and technology news updates

1. New Technology to read closed books found.

i) Scientists of Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (MIT) developed a new technology to read a closed book.

ii) The technology is based on Terahertz waves.

iii) This will help archaeologists read antique books without opening them.



2- iii

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